Oil, Propane, Electric Heat?

Is it time to upgrade you current system? Whether its oil, propane, or electric heat, we can easily replace your current furnace with a new Geothermal system. Inmost cases, we can use your existing delivery system such as air ducts or radiant for the new geothermal system. We will remove the old unit and adjust the plenum to adapt


A geothemal unit is non-combustible, therefore most customers are able to reduce their home insurance premiums and have peace of mind that their home and families are safe and sound.

Zero Carbon Footprint

A Geothermal System can increase the value of your home, in addition to substantial savings on your annual heating and cooling costs. Investing in a geothermal system is an investment you can feel good about knowing you are helping the environment.

System Life

A Geothermal System can typically last well over 25 years.  The only maintenance required is the vacuum the electrostatc filter regularily. New thermostat technology integrateion can remind you when its time to do that.

Air Conditioning

Never had air conditioning before. Did you know that when you install a new geothermal system there is no need for a separate air conditioning unit? The system can easily be reversed to extract the heat from your home and creates the temperature you want for pennies.