Installing a geothermal heat pump is the single most important thing homeowners can do for themselves and the environment.

Brent Rowley, Principal


Hi Brent,
I just wanted to touch base with you. It has been one year since our system has been fully operational. I conducted an experiment on my system. On January 19th I unplugged my hot water tank from the electrical outlet to see if the Geothermal could produce enough hot water for our family of four. To date I have not plugged it back in. We have no shortage of hot water. We are producing all the hot water we need without electricity.

Another interesting fact is the hot water tank takes 18.75 amps to run. The geothermal takes 14 amps. This sytem that will heat my entire home and generate hot water cheaper than my hot water tank running alone.

Truly remarkable.

Thank you
John Smith

We are quite pleased with the geothermal system. Last summer when it was installed, the temperature turn quite hot we were so relieved to have air conditioning.  This winter, the system has worked great. We have steady heat when needed. We couldn't ask for a better system In Every Way. Larry doesn't miss the oil truck!
Keep up the good work.



 We wanted to take the time to share our appreciation with you on the incredible job you and your team did with respect to the installation and maintenance of our Geothermal Heating System.

As you are well aware, Christine and I were very cautious in selecting this alternative, environmentally friendly geothermal system. This was likely driven by our lack of understanding on how the system works. We appreciate the home visits and the personal time you took to explain the system and installation process.

Your crew worked with the utmost professionalism! They kept us informed of progress and left the work site clean and organized at the end of each day.

Looking back I recall thinking that this system is almost too good to be true. Today I can say that the efficiency of the system is true. Before this system was installed, our house incurred heating costs of $300 per month for baseboard heat, $336.00 per month for wood pellets and $85 per month for firewood for the fireplace. I recently received my hydro bill for January 2011 and am pleased to share with you that we incurred a heating cost of only $142.00 for the entire month, HST included!!!!! Truly remarkable.

We are looking forward to a hot summer and being able to enjoy the air conditioning benefit of our system while reducing our carbon footprint in the environment.

Thanks again,

Jonathan Smith and Christine Brereton


Northern Green Energy Solutions did a professional and great job putting in our GSHP installation. During the course of the project, Brent was very concientious about making sure everything was done right and also made the extra effort to do a neat and tidy job as shown in the attached photo of the heat pump installation. Before going geothermal, we had a big wood furnace in the basement and we certainly don't miss feeding the furnace and the tempertaure of the house going from hot to cold when the fire died down. We now set our thermostat at 70 deg. F and live in a very comfortable home 24 hours a day. With the thermostat settings we can set the unit to come on more when we are home or when energy loads are not at peak. Heating and cooling with a geothermal GSHP is the most energy efficient thing you can do for your home as it cuts your carbon footprint by as meuch as 75 percent. With financing available, you can stop paying the energy companies and start paying yourself to go green. We would be pleased to show anyone our installation and give them the benefit of our experience.

Matt and Janet Parfitt



Northern Green Energy Solutions is a highly professional company and we have thoroughly enjoyed working with them on the Geo Thermal Project at the MTO Almaguin.

We look forward to the future and working with this excellent company!

Bob Torella


We are absolutely delighted with our new geothermal system installed by Northern Green Energy Solutions. It was put in on time and on budget. Brent's post purchase service has been superb. We would recommend him in a heartbeat.

Pat & Bob Walpole


My husband and I just built a house and it was a no brainer that we would be putting in a geothermal system to cool and heat our home. For us, green energy was the way to go. Brent and his team at Northern Green Energy Solutions were very friendly,helpful and hard working. Our home is nice and toasty and we can barely hear the unit when it runs. Not to mention that we have a pretty good looking HydroOne bill every month. We love our heat pump. Thank you Northern Green Energy Solutions!
Tina Foster



The geothermal furnace is a wonderful heating source.  We saved about 2/3 of our heating costs ($4300 to $850) in the first year and paid it off in less than 5 years. Now that the cost of heating is so affordable we keep our house at a “toasty” 23 C (75) degrees all year round!  Also, because the air moving capacity of the geothermal system is higher than traditional furnaces we don’t have cold spots around the house.  Because of the massive energy saving and the tiny carbon footprint of the system I think that they should be legislated to be installed in all new houses.


 Dr. David Hemsworth, Ph.D.


 We had a geothermal furnace that was getting old and harder to service as we couldn't find anyone in town who still carried the parts. We found Northern Green Energy Solutions and Brent came in with a great quote. We found ourselves with no heat during the cold winter months, Brent found the part quickly and was able to offer a temporary solution until the new furnace was delivered. Dealing with Brent and his crew was a great experience. He was courteous, offered great advice, service calls were immediate. We love the new furnace and really enjoyed working with Brent from Northern Green Energy Solutions.

David Fletcher



We are pleased with Northern Energy Solutions. We called then after the failure of our existing heat pump in our geotherm system. Brent responded right away, the same day we called. He worked with us to upgrade our current system and helped us to take advantage of government energy savings. The new heat pump was installed on schedule, the crew was very professional and the system started up and has performed well.

Rick and Mary Standish



We had Brent install a Geo-Thermal system at our home a little over a year ago and the system is FLAWLESS and works like a charm.....the installation was done with great care and there have been absolutely NIL problems with the system at all. Our energy bill has been greatly reduced which sure helps out things when the hydro bill comes in. I would recommend Brent and the Geo Thermal systems to anyone who is interested in saving a lot of money in the long term. You are contributing to clean energy and with the hot water system we have there is absolutely no dust or noise. If any further information is required I would be more than grateful to assist.

Bill Brownell